Friday Favorites

Raise your hand if you are a clutz? I'm raising both hands and feet! I swear, I try so hard, yet I am constantly spilling, dripping, leaking something and usually, it's on my carpet or clothing. It's a real pain in the butt. Enter Carbona.   They have a solution for everything. Like a literal … Continue reading Friday Favorites

5 Productivity Tips from a Self-Acclaimed Procrastinator

It is a little ironic that I'm offering productivity advice as I'm a huge procrastinator that is constantly guilty of wasting time and being easily distracted. But who wants to take advice from people that have it all together? My thought is that if this can help me, it can help anyone! As I've mentioned … Continue reading 5 Productivity Tips from a Self-Acclaimed Procrastinator

1 Year Down, A Lifetime To Go!

Happy 1st Anniversary To Us! Warning: This post will get sappy. Don't say I didn't tell you. When I thought about my future husband, I could never picture who I would end up with. I'm moody, I spend way too much money on dining out, my car is always a mess and I can be pretty … Continue reading 1 Year Down, A Lifetime To Go!

The Millennial Life.

I grew up with a strong work ethic. As teenagers, if we wanted something (name brand clothing, cell phone, car, etc) we had to pay for it ourselves. I quickly found my identity in trying to be the hardest worker in any job that I took on. At my first job, I was always given … Continue reading The Millennial Life.