The last few months have been a whirlwind!

As you know, we got married and had a fantastic honeymoon in St. Lucia!

We got home and started to settle in to the “post-wedding planning craziness” life. I can’t lie, it took some time to get used to not having something that could be planned, ordered, or scheduled for the wedding. For those of you who have planned a wedding, some days it felt like a full-time job! I wouldn’t change a thing at all though- I loved every moment.

A little over a month after we got married, we found out we were pregnant and all of a sudden, our quiet life seemed not so quiet anymore. About two weeks went by where we privately planned what our future would look like. I may have bought a baby book (or two) and we started a baby journal. We had been talking about relocating for a while, but made a quick decision to settle down where we were and began house hunting. It was crazy fast, but we were so excited. And then it was over. I’ll spare you the details, but I was no longer pregnant. It was about three weeks of uncertainty, a lot of doctor appointments, many tears, and a whole lot of heartache. For those of you who have gone through a miscarriage or experienced any pregnancy issue, you’ll understand when I say that it took a while for me to feel any sort of happiness again. I didn’t realize how much I wanted a baby until after I miscarried.

We put the house hunting on hold and restarted our talks about relocating out of state. Between the miscarriage and work stress, I was not in a good place and felt like I needed a fresh start. I know this isn’t always a realistic option, but in our case it seemed like it could be possible. Bob was a rock during this time, despite me being an absolute mess. Nothing like testing our wedding vows weeks into our marriage, right?

Fast forward past a bunch of ugly crying, food bingeing, more ugly crying, a stupid back issue, and just life. We are now in North Carolina. We’ve been here a week and although I know it’s early, I couldn’t me more sure that this move was exactly what we both needed. We both have dreams of expanding our family, our professional lives, and just our quality of life, in general. There is a heck of a lot more traffic, but there are so many new experiences we have yet to do. We know we will have to be more intentional in getting out to the mountains and nature which we both need and we have quite a few more steps to take to walk the pups thanks to a second floor apartment, but this is our new normal and we love it.

When we were going back and forth about moving, we kept coming back to the fact that if we aren’t happy, but do nothing about it, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We also figured- why not? We had no ties to the place we lived and picking up and moving the two of us and our two pups is much easier then trying to relocate with kids and such. It took a little over 3 months for all the pieces to fall into place, but they did and we couldn’t be happier about that. I’m sure we will go through more tough times and have hard decisions to make, that’s life. But I’m glad I’ve got the best partner to make all these crazy decisions with (and one that will wrangle in my crazy when needed).

I’m not sure what I wanted this post to be about as it covered a variety of things, but so be it! Thanks for reading our little life update. 🙂

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