Growing up, my family celebrated every Christmas Eve by attending a candle night service at our church and then heading home to have a feast made up of crackers & chips, multiple dip options, ham & cheese crescent rolls, and a Happy Birthday Jesus cake made by my mom. It may have been a simple tradition, but it was ours and I loved it. As I’ve gotten older and spent Christmas away from my family, I’ve had the opportunity to learn traditions with other families as well as start my own traditions. Over the past few holiday seasons, Bob and I have begun our own traditions. Some of these we will continue for years to come and others may be traded in for new ones, but they are ours and it’s fun to create them and see it play out.

We did stockings every Christmas when I was a kid. My mom took special care in putting together our stockings, filling them with things we needed (combs, socks, toothbrush) as well as candy, little toys, etc. We’d open our stockings after completing the rest of our Christmas Eve festivities, which included singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and reading the Christmas story. At that time, I was only focused on opening my stocking and would read through Luke 2 as quickly as possible. Now I look back on those times fondly. I remember the simpleness of the holiday and the special ways we celebrated the Christmas season.  Since Bob and I have traveled the last few Christmas’, we have also set aside a special night where we wear our new Christmas pjs and exchange stockings that we filled for each other. It’s become a very special quiet night in a season that can feel busy and hurried. A specific tradition I’m especially excited for was new for us this year. We bought a ceramic town building and wrote the year. We plan on buying at least one piece each Christmas so that hopefully over time, we will have a beautiful collection that we can pass down to kids and grandkids.


What holiday traditions do you remember from childhood? Do you do them now? What are your favorite current traditions?

2 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. this is so cute! I remember that instead of stockings, on christmas day we had one of our slippers left in front of the oven (no fireplace) filled with goodies! It was my favourite part of the holidays! 😀


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