I absolutely love reading. But I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten into a horrible habit of buying a book, starting to read it and not finishing it. I have about 15 books currently that are in that exact category. I don’t stop reading because the book is boring or I wasn’t into it, just mainly because I got distracted by important stuff. I just had to check my Facebook for the 18th time that hour and that led to the inevitable spiral into very important Facebook “research” (see this blog post for more on that and how I’m trying to curb that bad habit). I have good intentions, I really do. All that being said, my name is Gini and I have a problem with buying books and not reading them.

I love going to bookstores. I really love old bookstores that have a lingering scent of must in the air, containing books with yellowed dog-eared pages, names of the previous owners scribbled on the first page, and if you are lucky sometimes containing a token from years past. Those are the best type of bookstores and I almost always find myself with a handful of books, that I don’t need or have time to read, but want. I usually talk myself out of getting most of them, but it’s hard.

Since my husband and I were moving, we decided to de-clutter while packing up our old place and then again while unpacking in our new home. The books were the things we struggled with getting rid of the most, his being mainly books about hiking and all things mountains and mine being an eclectic group of mystery, biographies, self-help and beyond. Our final decision? Keep the books and buy more bookcases.

But now I feel like I have to justify to myself my spending money on these books and the bookcases to hold them, so I’ve decided to set myself a goal of reading 1 book a month. I am starting with a small, obtainable goal and can increase my goal number in the future.

How many of you sleep with your phone near your bed? I have it right next to my head on my nightstand. Before I fall asleep, I check it, as soon as I wake up, I check it, if I wake up in the middle of the night I check it. So I’m setting myself a 30 day challenge where I’m going to leave my phone charging in our living room when I go to bed so that when I want to reach for my phone, I’ll instead start working through my pile of unread books.

In preparation for the fact that I will probably need more book suggestions… what was your favorite book of 2017? I’ll work on compiling a list and post it later for all my fellow book-lovers!

Til next time,


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