If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that Bob and I have been using the Home Chef service recently. This is a weekly meal subscription that sends you pre-portioned ingredients along with easy to follow recipes, allowing you to cook at home without the hassle of going to the store, overbuying groceries, etc. Yes, I do feel slightly bougie utilizing this service, but I really hate grocery shopping. And yes, I do still have to go to the grocery store, but it’s much quicker and I’m still trying to find a way to get out of that.

Years ago, I remember hearing about a guy, doing a social experiment to see if he could survive without leaving his house for an entire year using delivery services for all of his needs… that sounds like a dream. Back then, it was a crazy thought because it was pre-Amazon taking over the world. It’s totally possible now and I’m pretty sure there are people that do it. I don’t really want to stay in my home for that long, but I’d love to never have to go to a store again unless it’s to Target to window shop (aka spend $100).

Back to my original topic, Home Chef. You can choose the number of meals you receive each week, how many servings and your delivery day, as well as choose your personalized menu from about 8-10 options.  We have figured out that it’s slightly less than $20 a meal, but we are not throwing out nearly as much food. Neither of us a great at guesstimating portion sizes, which led to a lot of produce going bad. Plus, have I mentioned how I hate to shop?

See below for some of our recent meals! My “plating” skills leave a lot to be desired, but I’m working on it!

Another reason we started doing this, was because we wanted to make sure we had intentional time with each other. We were finding that our evenings were becoming extremely monotonous. One of us usually works late, the other of us cooked the same dinner (I’m not kidding) each night, we ate and then one of us (me, duh!) fell asleep on the couch as we watched tv.

Now we cook together and talk about our day before we watch tv and I fall asleep on the couch. Much better.

Tonight we cooked Salmon Tacos. Neither Bob nor I like salmon or fish in general. We decided we’d venture out of our comfort zone and try something different and we are glad we did. It was delicious and so easy to make.

If you are interested in checking it out- here’s a discount code!

Until next time,


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