If I had to choose one form of social media, I’d go with Instagram. Usually, it is happy and uplifting. Sure, a lot of pictures are #staged and not as perfect as they appear, but pictures generally tend to be happier and there are less complaints, politics, and overall annoying people.

I wanted to share a little happiness with you, so here are my top 6 Instagram Animals accounts to follow. Don’t worry- if you aren’t an animal lover, I will share some non-animal Instagram accounts next time! But whether you like animals or not, it’s hard to not feel joy when looking at these- I dare you to try!

  1. @wolfgang2242: This guy has adopted multiple dogs of all sizes, a bunny, and Bikini- a potbelly pig. These animals are so stinking cute, I quickly became obsessed with them all, mostly that Bikini. She is such a diva and I love her.
  2. @hamlet_the_piggy: It’s a tiny pig that wears clothes. What’s not to like? Sure, you may not like tiny pigs, but then I worry about you and your life decisions.
  3. @itsdougthepug:Being a Perri now, there is an unwritten rule that I must like pugs. It’s not an option. Thankfully that isn’t a hard rule to follow… because look at them! Doug the Pug is no exception and I think you’ll see why.
  4. @Bootheworldscutestdog: I fell in love with Boo a long time ago. I really wanted to get a dog that looked just like him, or at least find a stuffed animal that resembled him, but I’ve gotten neither. Poor me. At least I have his Instagram to keep up with his adventures!
  5. @pumpkintheraccoon: This is a raccoon that lives with two dog siblings. I mean seriously? I have recently started following this account and I’m so glad I have.
  6. @Teddytheshetland: A year or so ago, I had a little horse mishap, leaving me terrified of horses, but I can’t be terrified of Teddy. He’s spunky and has a great head of hair and I like everything about him.

What are your favorite animals of Instagram?

ps. If you ever need an adorable hashtag to follow- #lifewithcharlieandpiper will always deliver.


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