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So it’s true, today isn’t Friday. But Sunday’s Favorites didn’t have the same ring. I meant to get ahead of things and write this much earlier… but then lazy nights on the couch got in the way. My apologies.

So I am a big fan of technology. I think there is so much out there that if used in the right way, can actually help make your life better. People often tend to focus on the negative aspects of technology (ie. we are too reliant on it, too connected, absent from the real world) and I agree, those are all valid arguments. But there are also apps that can help you organize your life, get healthier, save money, track money, you just have to know how and when to use them.

Here are my top 5 favorites, in no particular order.



I love lists. I’m not an organized person, but I do have a few Type A habits and keeping lists for everything is one of them. I make lists for our Saturday plans, for upcoming vacations, for this blog, for our dog-walker, for monthly projects, for work assignments, for weight-loss goals, for anything and everything. You can use Trello via your phone app or on your PC. I really like this app because you can make things as simple or as detailed as needed. For work purposes, you can share with co-workers, assign tasks to people, and keep an eye on how projects are going. I guess you could use the same features for home and assign tasks to family members… watch out Bob! šŸ™‚

Fair warning: at first it looks overwhelming. In fact, I signed up for Trello because my boss asked me to look into it. I couldn’t figure it out so I put it off and didn’t come back to it for a few months. When I came back to check it out, I spent a little time and googled how other people used it, which was really helpful! Now I’m not kidding when I say I use it all day every day. If you want to see how I use it, feel free to reach out and I can send you my current Trello setup!



This is a neat little app that helps you gather 1-second videos every day and then compiles them into a mashup, whether you want it monthly, yearly, or based on specific dates. You can use the app to record the 1-second clips or it will pull from your phone photo gallery. 1 second doesn’t sound very long, but it actually does make a pretty neat video. Check out one that I made from the last few months! Note: This is the only app included in my list that costs money.




Okay, this one is for the ladies. Growing up, I never realized the importance of tracking your monthly cycle. Even when I was in my 20’s,Ā  I had no idea when my last ” monthly time” ended and when the next one was starting. I just lived my life and hoped nothing surprised me in an unfortunateĀ place. As I got older, I learned that tracking my cycle was really helpful for many different reasons and after trying to remember to write it down in my planner and constantly forgetting, I loved finding Glow. Glow is an app that helps you track your cycle, symptoms, among other things. If you are in the baby-making phase or maybe trying to prevent it, gone are the days of the cardboard wheel! Glow helps you figure out your “go” (or no) days. Each day, you log on and complete a simple log about your mood, physical symptoms, sleep, etc. It’s extremely easy to fill out and it will even send you notifications (if you set it up) to remind you to complete the log daily. The more info Glow has, the better it gets at predicting. Granted, it hasn’t been successful in all areas, but I’m being patient. šŸ™‚

Google Photo Scan


Bob actually discovered this app and shared it with me. Have you ever needed to get a picture of a photo, copy a page in a book, or share something on a piece of paper? Sure, you can take a picture of it, but Google Photo Scan makes the process of taking and sending a picture easy breezy. This app helps you line up the item you are trying to photocopy and gets rid of any glare that may happen when taking a picture. You can send it as a picture easily and the recipientĀ is able to receive something that is easy to view and read.

Google Photos


Google is definitely on to something. Bob and I both use Google Photos and highly recommend it for a few reasons. The main reason is that it automatically uploads your pictures to you Google photo account, for free. All of these uploaded pictures can be accessed on your phone or via your Google photo account on your computer. So the next time that your phone dies and you start panicking that you’ve lost all of the pictures that you’ve taken, you’ll be able to breathe easily. When you download the app, it will download all of your pictures for you and then you can set it up to download new pictures (choose the Wi-Fi option, so it only downloads when connected to Wi-Fi).Ā  On the app, you can make edits to pictures, view suggested edits that Google creates for you as well as share with anyone else that has Google Photos.

Search is another really cool feature that Google Photos offers. If you type in flower, it will bring up all pictures that have flowers in it. If I type in dog, I’m quickly reminded how many photos of I have of my dogs. Type in date, and you’ll see a gallery of any picture it thinks resembles a date (basically any pictures of two people together). Also, since it groups photos by person with it’s facial recognition powers, you can search for all pictures of your adorable nephews and see them gathered together in just a few quick seconds. Yes, your iPhone does offer some of these services, but they aren’t quite up to par with the Google app. Also, unless you pay for iCloud extended services, chances are you’ve already maxed out your free iCloud memory. If you didn’t get it before, let me say it again- this a free app/service.


So there you go- my top 5 favorite phone apps! I want to hear from you all though! I’m always on the lookout for new fun apps to use! Let me know- what would your Top 5 list look like?


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