Hey friends!

Last night was my appointment with a personal trainer at a gym that I was interested in joining.

As I was meeting with the trainer, I explained to him that I’ve had issues with sciatica and back pain in the past. He told me that he actually specializes in sciatica and helping people get rid of their sciatica pain. For anyone that has experienced sciatica, you understand when I say this was music to my ears!

I continued my conversation with him, mentioning both hip issues I’ve been having and faint/dizzy spells that seem to come up, specifically when I’m exercising.

I know… I’m a fun time.

I’ve been telling Bob for a while to just plan on me getting a hip replacement for my 40th birthday. Lucky Bob.

But all of these issues do add up and I haven’t been able to find any fix at this point.

Sure, I could go to the dr. But I’m just not that kind of girl.

Back to my story…

The trainer asked me if I ever had a concussion or head trauma. While I don’t remember any specifically, I really can’t remember.

He could tell I was confused by this line of questions, so he held a pen up below my face and asked me to follow the pen with my eyes and stop him when it was at eye level. I followed through on this or at least I thought it did. He brought the pen closer to my face and I realized that it was actually lined up with my mouth.

Then he had me bend down and touch my toes. I was only able to touch barely above my calf. I’m not super flexible in general, don’t judge.

He handed me a pair of glasses, that he explained weren’t prescription lenses, but instead helped with my sphere of vision.

Ok, quick pause. I can’t remember any of the big words he used so if you are expecting that, my apologies. Back to the story.

He asked me to try to touch my toes again and get this… I was able to. My range of motion in that one move increased about 6 inches in a few seconds. The only thing that changed was this magical pair of glasses I was wearing.

My mind was blown. Legit.

He explained that my vision is off (again, I don’t remember the big words) and that because of this, it affects my entire body. My range of motion. My back. My teeth (I grind them at night). My hip. My posture.

I had trouble keeping my cool at this point.

If I didn’t actually see a difference right there, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. But I’m completely up for trying to find a way to get rid of all of my issues with one solution. Okay, I can’t get rid of all my issues, but at least a few of them.

So the next step is to go to an ophthalmologist and get a pair of those magical glasses that I’ll need to wear 2 hours a day. This will help my vision improve. I’ll also be given certain stretches and exercises that will help this all improve, hopefully.

Needless to say, I signed up for the personal training classes. I actually signed a 12-month contract for personal training.

AKA there’s no getting out of this.

Unless I die. Or move over 25 miles away in which case the contract is voided. At this point, both dying and moving sound worse than working out, but give me a week or so and ask me again.

My first training session is this coming Monday so stay tuned!

I’ll keep you all updated on the magic glasses too, of course!

One thought on “Magic Glasses.

  1. Seriously my mind is blown right along with you. Holy crap! So did you make an appointment to get your magical glasses? Do you wear them when working out? Is head trauma the only cause that would cause one to need these glasses? Clearly my mind is blown and I have so many questions!

    Also can’t wait to hear about your first work out session!


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