I read somewhere that today was “National Proposal Day”. While I have no idea if this is true or why this would be a thing, I decided this would be a great time to share our proposal story. If you can’t share it on “National Proposal Day”, when can you share it?

No one was surprised when Bob proposed to me on top of a mountain. Mountains are kind of our thing. We had been talking about marriage for a little while and I knew he had looked at rings, so I knew a proposal was near. For a few weeks, I prepared myself before each hike for the “big moment”.

But it never came.

During a rainy day hike on his birthday in May, I knew it was happening. He should have been trying to propose immediately as I willingly went on a 6+ mile hike in the cold rain, tramping through the mud with soaked feet, all for him.

Rain. Mud. Sweat= No Ring.


So when he wanted to get a picture of us on a bridge, I was ready. As he worked on finding the perfect spot for the camera, I tried to calm myself down, ecstatic this was the moment I’d been waiting for.

Yes, that would have been the perfect spot, but no, he actually just wanted a picture of us on a bridge.

Great proposal spot. Not for us.


Bob had planned a week-long backpacking trip with his brother in law in June and I had confidently told all my friends that there was no way he’d go on this trip without proposing.

I was wrong.


Me without a ring.


He went on that trip without proposing.


Bob (without a fiance) and his brother-in-law Ken.


After a few weeks of constantly prepping myself to have nothing happen, I realized that I had no idea when it was actually going to happen, so I just decided to live in the moment and not think about it (as much as possible).

The night before the proposal, Bob and I were planning which hike we were going to go on the next day. Bob seemed very non-committal about our plans, so I assumed the day would be an ordinary one. I may have been acting a little bratty, whining that I didn’t want to go on a long hike because it was going to be hot. I know, I can be really sweet sometimes. We finally decided on the location, one of Bob’s favorite hikes, The Priest. We had hiked this trail before when we first started dating, but it had been a while so another trip up seemed like a great idea!


Early the next morning, we headed out. This specific trail has two options: hike Crabtree Falls and continue on to the Priest (which we’ve done before) or drive up to The Priest trailhead and start there. Because of my whining the night before, Bob agreed to drive up to the trailhead rather than make me hike a longer trail. (He’s a keeper for sure!). The road up was full of bumps and deep holes in the road, and after what seemed like forever, we finally made it up and began our hike.


Right before we got to the top of the mountain, Bob suggested we take a break. I thought it was a bit odd that we were stopping since we were so close to the top, but it was hot, so I welcomed a chance to breathe and hydrate.

There happened to be a really big rock structure where we stopped and anyone that knows Bob knows that he loves rocks, so stopping at that location wasn’t too unusual.


We sat down and Bob started talking about his recent backpacking trip and how he had been thinking about all the big rocks and the stories that they could tell- whether it was about a family of deer that stopped for a rest or a big storm that passed through. At this point, I told him that he never needed to use drugs to get high- because he already talked like he was. He laughed but continued saying that maybe the rocks would tell the story of a guy who dragged his girlfriend up to the top of this mountain to ask her a question. At first, I was still confused as to why he was talking so much about the rocks but I finally understood!

I asked him if this was really happening and he just smiled and kept talking. Honestly, I’m not sure what he said after this, but I do know that he got on his knee at some point and opened up a box and asked me to marry him. Obviously, I said yes, without any hesitation.

True story: when he went to put the ring on my finger, they were swollen from hiking and the heat it wouldn’t go on. You better believe that I pushed that sucker on because there was no way a fat swollen finger was going to ruin this. A few people walked by us and Bob proudly told them we had just gotten engaged.

After having a few sweet moments together, we continued on and stopped at The Priest trail shelter. Most shelters have a log of some sort that hikers can record their trail name, date, and a quick note. This being the Priest, the log has actually turned into a confessional where people write secrets, mostly anonymously. We gladly added our exciting news!

After that we headed on to the top of the mountain, that has one of the best views around.


We spent time up there, me stealing constant glances at my new piece of jewelry, but both of us in a perfectly romantic daze. Since there was no cell service where we were, we really took our time finishing up our hike, enjoying our quiet time together. We knew that as soon as we let people know, it would start a new, exciting but crazy chapter of our lives so we wanted to live in the moment for as long as possible!

When I ask Bob why he didn’t seem nervous when he proposed, he says it’s because he wasn’t. He was confident in the question he was asking and knew I would be in the answer I was giving. Looking back on it now, it doesn’t matter at all that Bob chose to do it in July as opposed to May. The only thing that matters is that when he did it, I had absolutely no doubt what my answer was going to be.

So that’s our story. What’s yours?

Did your proposal go as planned? Were you surprised? Where did it happen? So many questions. I’d love to hear about it!

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