This post is all about me. When I’m reading something, I like being able to put a face to the name, a voice to the words. If you are lucky enough to already know me, then feel free to skip this. Or read it and possibly find out something you didn’t know?

{1984-2002}  I grew up in New Jersey. 


{2002-2007}Went to college in Virginia.


{2007-2008} Lived in California for a year. 
{2008-2010} Moved to North Carolina for two years. 


{2010-2011}Headed back to California for a year to spend time with this guy and his family. 


{2011-2017} Found myself back in Virginia!


And now I’m back in North Carolina after 4 cross-country road trips, 6 weeks spent living in Hawaii, adopting two dogs, and marrying this guy Bob. 

A Few Random Facts About Me. 

  1. My siblings and I are adopted. As a kid, I was so embarrassed by this and did whatever I could to keep it a secret, but now I’ve accepted it as part of my story.
  2. I’m terrified of birds.
  3. I am obsessed with tiny things that aren’t typically small: tiny coffee cups, mini horses, little notebooks. I love it all.
  4. I’ve only ever dated one person- my husband.
  5. I was in speech class when I was younger. I still can’t say words like roar very well.
  6. I’ve had one broken bone (my arm in 3rd grade), but have never had stitches or surgery.
  7. Growing up, we were not allowed to go to the movies (I’m sure I’ll blog about that at some point). When I was 13, I “snuck” to the movies to see Men in Black with a friend and felt like such a rebel.
  8. I hate talking on the phone. I get anxiety if I have to call someone and very rarely answer when someone calls me.
  9. I get really annoyed by people that rev their engines unnecessarily in traffic or play their music obnoxiously loud. Like really annoyed, angry even. They often get the “angry Gini” glare which I’d like to think will make them think about their actions in the future.
  10. I consider myself a burger connoisseur. If I had to choose one meal to eat the rest of my life, it would be a burger & fries with ranch dressing on the side. Of course, I’d be 600 pounds, but I’d be happy.

So there is a little about me… now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear a random fact about you! Leave a comment below and let me know!




3 thoughts on “All About Me.

  1. Thank you for sharing! I love your sincerity. You married into the right family. None of us like to talk on the phone!


    1. It’s amazing how 2 people see things from the opposite viewpoint depending on their life circumstances. Think of the above blog and add to that a mother who taught in the same school you attended and was forever thankful she was able to adopt you, and loved telling others about it! Ouch and ouch again. I’m so sorry, but still so thankful for you!! You are a sweet and gracious gem! I could not have asked for a sweeter daughter. If this embarrassed you, delete it and I will understand.


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