Happy 1st Anniversary To Us!

Warning: This post will get sappy. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

When I thought about my future husband, I could never picture who I would end up with. I’m moody, I spend way too much money on dining out, my car is always a mess and I can be pretty awkward in a group of people.

But I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect husband for me.

Here are a just a few of the reasons why I love Bob:

– He is patient when I get hangry, which happens more than I’d like to admit.

– He does the dishes the majority of the time, something he knows I hate doing.

– He walks our dogs about 80% of the time.

– He’s the reason I’m pursuing my freelancing… he’s pushed me to follow my dreams.

– He doesn’t say things just to say them. When he says something, he means it.

I could go on and on, but I have to save something for the obligatory mushy posts I write for Valentines Day and our anniversary.

I hear people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest while others call it the “honeymoon” phase, promising that reality will come crashing in.

2017 was a whirlwind year. We finished planning a wedding, got married, got pregnant, had a miscarriage, moved to a new state, started new jobs on top of all the typical day-to-day life.  All the while, we supported each other during our low times, encouraged each other to pursue our dreams, and pushed each other to be our best selves.

I get it.

It’s not all roses and champagne (I can’t remember the typical examples that people usually say, so I chose the first two things that popped into my head.).

But I am confident that we will always love and support each other through the inevitable rollercoaster that life is and always will be.

The other night, Bob and I were reminiscing about our wedding and the days surrounding it. We decided early on in our wedding planning that we were going to make the day reflect who we were and things we loved and we are so glad that we did.

While we are not professional wedding planners, we both feel pretty proud that we put together such a fun day!

Here are some of the most special moments for me:


View More: http://laurenpaigephotography.pass.us/bobginiwedding

There were two main reasons we decided to do a first look.

I really wanted to have that quiet time before to see Bob before the rest of the crazy day got going. It helped calmed any little nerves we had and really set a very peaceful tone for the rest of the day.

Being completely honest, it was also a practical decision because seeing each other before  allowed us to take a ton of photos ahead of the ceremony leaving us more time to CELEBRATE!!

Above is a video captured by one of our friends. 🙂

TIME OF REFLECTIONLaurenPaigePhotography_0427.JPG

One of our close friends was our wedding officiant and he actually suggested this to us when we were planning the ceremony schedule. I am so glad we did this.

If you are planning a wedding, I would HIGHLY recommend this.

During this time, a song played while Bob and I stepped away from everyone for a bit and just took it all in. In that moment, it was just the two of us, and the mountains. My only wish is that it had lasted a few minutes longer.

PS. It was an awesome song… Up to The Mountain by Solomon Burke.



When we got married, we decided to write our own vows, something that was a big deal for both of us who don’t excel in public speaking.

Originally our plan was to try and make the ceremony as short as possible to minimize the time that we’d have to stand in front of people as the focus of attention. I had several wise friends encourage against that, reasoning that this special day would be a blur already and to not rush through something as momentous as our wedding ceremony.

I have smart friends.

Being able to look back on the vows we wrote to each other is one of my favorite things to do. Below are the vows I wrote for and read to Bob.

Bob- when I first met you, I remember telling my friends about the differences in the way you and I hiked. You love to stop and look at rocks, take pictures, talk about the history of the area, look at more rocks… I was always focused on getting to the top of the mountain as quickly as possible. In hiking and most importantly in life, you’ve helped me realize the importance of living day-to-day and enjoying life’s adventures.  You have completely changed my world, in the best ways possible. Loving you is easy because you are so easy to love. I love your heart, which is so kind and selfless. I love that you are willing to help anyone at any time. I love that you aren’t afraid to show your feelings. I love your passion for learning. I love that you are hardworking and give 100% to whatever you do. You love those that I love, just because I love them.  You make me laugh, you challenge me, you always let me eat the last piece of chocolate and you make me happier than I ever believed was possible. I know that our life will be filled with ups and downs, but I am so glad that you will be my side the rest of the way. As we always tell each other, we aren’t perfect, but we are perfect for each other.

 My entire life, all I’ve wanted is to feel loved and protected, unconditionally. Every day, you make me feel completely loved and safe. You are able to make me feel calm and centered, no matter what is going on. You have accepted me for me, flaws included, and never expected me to change. I am so excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with you, my best friend.

So today, surrounded by these mountains, but more importantly, the people who love us, I choose you, Bob, to be my partner. I am proud to be your wife and to join my life with yours. I vow to support you, push you, inspire you and above all love you, for better or for worse in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live.

I’m writing this post in a bit of a hurry as we are leaving to celebrate our anniversary and I still have to pack! Add big-time procrastinator to that list of my faults I wrote above.

I will have plenty more days to write about our special day so I’m okay.

In closing,

I love you, Bob. Thank you for choosing me.

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