Hey there. How are ya? You may be reading this because you like my writing. You may be reading this because you are stuck inside for the 3789th day and you are running out of things to read.

Either way, hello.

If you’ve known me for a while, you probably know that I love to write. I’ve had several blogs over the years, with The Ramblings of a Ginger being a crowd favorite. Unfortunately, I went away for a little bit and some other ginger took my blog name and domain away from me.

I guess this post would be an appropriate time to introduce myself as life has changed a little since my last post.

I’m Gini. I live in North Caroline with my husband Bob, our twin boys Jack & Sawyer and our two pups Charlie & Piper. I’m an HR Manager at an always growing e-commerce company and Bob is a software developer. Our boys are (almost) 10 months old and they don’t have jobs yet.

Life with twins has been fun! Challenging? At times. Busy? Of course. Overwhelming? Yup. Worth it? Every single day.

Like many other couples, our road to pregnancy was filled with challenges. After getting pregnant shortly after we got married, we were heartbroken when I miscarried early in the pregnancy. The following months held some dark moments for me as I struggled with the grief of losing a baby along with the guilt of feeling sad about losing a baby so early in my pregnancy. Then despite getting pregnant quickly the first time, it wasn’t as easy the second time around. I may write more about that time in my life in another post, but as you can see, we were blessed with Jack & Sawyer and life is sweet.

That’s all for today folks. I am attempting to keep these short and sweet to keep enticing you to come back and read. Talk to you soon friend!

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