1. I am afraid of birds. They are unpredictable and uncontrollable. I don’t trust them.
  2. I am adopted. My 2 brothers & I joined a foster family when I was a baby. We were officially adopted by that family when I was 4. As a kid, I hated when people found out I was adopted, but I learned to accept it the older I got.
  3. I hate swiss cheese. No need to explain that further. It’s gross.
  4. I’ve driven cross-country 4 times. Virginia> Los Angeles (2007), Los Angeles > North Carolina (2008), North Carolina > Los Angeles (2010), Los Angeles to Virginia (2011).
  5. I have to use matching shampoo & conditioner. Using mismatching brands or types will affect the rest of my day.
  6. I didn’t drink coffee until I was in my late 20’s. One day I decided I liked it and now my morning cup is a requirement.
  7. My favorite movie is Sound of Music. I went through a phase in childhood where I’d watch it every day.
  8. My dream would be to own a coffee shop/bookstore that employees people with disabilities.
  9. I had a photography business for a short time. I learned quickly, I preferred to take pictures for free… less pressure.
  10. Although I love music, I prefer listening to talk radio or podcasts on long trips. In the past, when I traveled a lot for work, I’d listen to ESPN & Fox News radio, not because I cared about either but because I’d prefer the talking over the music. I knew way too much about sports & republicans. Thank goodness podcasts have become a thing. I definitely prefer those!

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