1 Year Down, A Lifetime To Go!

Happy 1st Anniversary To Us! Warning: This post will get sappy. Don't say I didn't tell you. When I thought about myย future husband, I could never picture who I would end up with. I'm moody, I spend way too much money on dining out, my car is always a mess and I can be pretty … Continue reading 1 Year Down, A Lifetime To Go!

Marry Me?

I read somewhere that today was "National Proposal Day". While I have no idea if this is true or why this would be a thing, I decided this would be a great time to share our proposal story. If you can't share it on "National Proposal Day", when can you share it?ย 


Warning. This post is a teensy bit sappy. Proceed with caution. I may have spent some time guilting a certain someone (aka my husband) into making sure that he made our last couple of v-days extra special since it was a new thing for me to have someone special in my life on this day … Continue reading love.