Observations from a weekend in Vegas

Here are a few observations I made on our recent visit to Vegas.

The “R” Word

In our world that is so concerned about being politically correct about EVERYTHING, it blows my mind that people still use this word on a daily basis. 

1 Year Down, A Lifetime To Go!

Happy 1st Anniversary To Us! Warning: This post will get sappy. Don't say I didn't tell you. When I thought about my future husband, I could never picture who I would end up with. I'm moody, I spend way too much money on dining out, my car is always a mess and I can be pretty … Continue reading 1 Year Down, A Lifetime To Go!

The Millennial Life.

I grew up with a strong work ethic. As teenagers, if we wanted something (name brand clothing, cell phone, car, etc) we had to pay for it ourselves. I quickly found my identity in trying to be the hardest worker in any job that I took on. At my first job, I was always given … Continue reading The Millennial Life.

Marry Me?

I read somewhere that today was "National Proposal Day". While I have no idea if this is true or why this would be a thing, I decided this would be a great time to share our proposal story. If you can't share it on "National Proposal Day", when can you share it? 


Warning. This post is a teensy bit sappy. Proceed with caution. I may have spent some time guilting a certain someone (aka my husband) into making sure that he made our last couple of v-days extra special since it was a new thing for me to have someone special in my life on this day … Continue reading love.

2018 Resolutions – Update

So as many people do at the beginning of a new year, I went ahead and made a few of my own. If you didn't get a chance to read the post- you can check it out here. So how am I doing on mine? Is it a bad sign that I had to actually … Continue reading 2018 Resolutions – Update