5 Things I’d Like People To Do.

You don't have to be technology-savvy, but if you don't know how to add a contact to your own phone, then let the experts handle your groceries, please. 

Top 10 Places To Meet People

I've never been someone to have a large group of friends and I've always been content with that. But now I look around and find myself with a social circle made up of my husband and our two dogs. Thankfully, I love hanging out with them but it would be nice (for both of us) … Continue reading Top 10 Places To Meet People

Smart and Sassy Alex Trebek.

I just sent the following text to my husband- "Remind me to tell you about Jeopardy tonight. It was amazing." This is a completely normal text for us. Other couples may text sweet love notes to each other, we send Jeopardy reminders and pictures of our pups.

Observations From a Non-Parent Disney World Park Visitor.

Bob and I are back home after spending several days in the magical place known as Disney World. The word magical is often used at Disney (as well as in this blog post) and there is a reason for it. The people behind all things Disney have figured out how to create a place that … Continue reading Observations From a Non-Parent Disney World Park Visitor.


I was thinking about what to write and felt confident about two things. People love lists. People love donuts. So I’ve combined two things that I know people love… and here you go! The Perri's Top 5 Donut Shops. I get it, taste is in the mouth of the beholder (I know that isn’t the … Continue reading Donuts.

{top 6} animals of instagram

If I had to choose one form of social media, I'd go with Instagram. Usually, it is happy and uplifting. Sure, a lot of pictures are #staged and not as perfect as they appear, but pictures generally tend to be happier and there are less complaints, politics, and overall annoying people. I wanted to share … Continue reading {top 6} animals of instagram