Observations From a Non-Parent Disney World Park Visitor.

magic kingdom castle at night

Bob and I are back home after spending several days in the magical place known as Disney World. The word magical is often used at Disney (as well as in this blog post) and there is a reason for it. The people behind all things Disney have figured out how to create a place that […]

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Saying YES!

Raise your hand if you’ve every been offered an opportunity and turned it down. Ps. I’m raising both of my hands.

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Warning. This post is a teensy bit sappy. Proceed with caution. I may have spent some time guilting a certain someone (aka my husband) into making sure that he made our last couple of v-days extra special since it was a new thing for me to have someone special in my life on this day […]

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2018 Resolutions – Update

So as many people do at the beginning of a new year, I went ahead and made a few of my own. If you didn’t get a chance to read the post- you can check it out here. So how am I doing on mine? Is it a bad sign that I had to actually […]

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Magic Glasses.

Hey friends! Last night was my appointment with a personal trainer at a gym that I was interested in joining. As I was meeting with the trainer, I explained to him that I’ve had issues with sciatica and back pain in the past. He told me that he actually specializes in sciatica and helping people […]

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Getting healthy (pt. 2).

The year I turned 30, I decided I was over being unhealthy and all the things that come along with that.  I wanted to feel better physically, be more confident in how I looked, and spend my 30’s more active then I spent my 20’s (and most of my life). 

I worked hard, set and accomplished goals, and became someone I could be proud of!

Then life happened.

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Friday’s Favorites: My Top 5 Favorite Phone Apps

Hello all! So it’s true, today isn’t Friday. But Sunday’s Favorites didn’t have the same ring. I meant to get ahead of things and write this much earlier… but then lazy nights on the couch got in the way. My apologies. So I am a big fan of technology. I think there is so much […]

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