Observations From a Non-Parent Disney World Park Visitor.

magic kingdom castle at night

Bob and I are back home after spending several days in the magical place known as Disney World. The word magical is often used at Disney (as well as in this blog post) and there is a reason for it. The people behind all things Disney have figured out how to create a place that…

Getting healthy (pt. 2).

The year I turned 30, I decided I was over being unhealthy and all the things that come along with that.  I wanted to feel better physically, be more confident in how I looked, and spend my 30's more active then I spent my 20's (and most of my life).  I worked hard, set and accomplished goals, and became someone I could be proud of! Then life happened.


I really love old bookstores that have a lingering scent of must in the air, containing books with yellowed dog-eared pages, names of the previous owners scribbled on the first page, and if you are lucky sometimes containing a token from years past.

Hello 2018!

But I'm a grown up and feeling like one finally, so I'm not only setting 2018 goals for myself, but I'm actually feeling good about meeting them! I've skipped over the obvious ones- eating healthy, losing weight, save money, pay off debt because blah blah blah. I know I said I'm feeling like an adult, but baby steps people!